• Our Buns and Guns program was developed for women who are interested in achieving toned arms, tightened abs, and a sculpted butt, and who are willing to push their bodies to the next level. Classes are designed for WOMEN and BY WOMEN, ensuring the most effective, figure-flattering results you’ve ever experienced. Not only do we want you to look great but feel great too!
  •  Our 6 week program offers 2 one-hour weight training sessions per week, cardio homework to complete on your own, a nutrition seminar, and ongoing nutritional support.
  •  Our training method focuses on working major muscle groups with big lifts, then targeting smaller muscle groups with isolation exercises. We also work in different types of cardio to help you lean out and see the definition you’ve been dreaming about!
  •  Achieving a bikini body is not easy and takes a high level of commitment; therefore, it may not be for everyone.  Our team based approach is the ultimate motivator! Let us help you put a new twist on your training!
When: 6 Wks (Mar 13 - Apr 19) T/TH
Time: 6:35PM - 7:25PM (50 MIN)
Max Participants: 12 ladies
Class will be taught by former Body Building Champion - Kathy Davis
  • Winner of the eastern seaboard bodybuilding championship women middle weight class
  • Coastal USA Bodybuilding Championship Women light weight class and women overall.
  • Eastern Seaboard BB Championship Masters Women 2 place
Kathy on stage
Kathy on stage
With Lee Haney!
With Lee Haney!
With fellow competitors
With fellow competitors

Cost: $159

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