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Ever wonder if your training is as efficient as you would like it to be? Reaching your workout targets has never been this easy! During class, you will see your real-time heart rate and calories burned. With color-coded heart rate zones, your instructor will be able to give you immediate guidance during the class - keeping you on the right track. And, after the class your individual workout summary will automatically upload to your Polar Flow Account.

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We intentionally set our maximum at 16 for a reason.  It allows us to coach our members on proper form and technique, while also pushing them to workout in the desired training heart rate zone.  Our members are able to accomplish things they never thought possible, because our coaches will not allow them to give up. Instead, members are encouraged to remove the limits they have placed on themselves in order to unlock their full potential.

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With name brand equipment like Polar, Cybex, LifeFitness, Rogue, Concept II and LifeCORE, you will experience the best equipped group fitness facility in the Nashville, Brentwood, and Antioch area. With such wide variety in our programming and equipment, you'll never be bored. We continue to reinvest in the equipment necessary for you to reach your ultimate fitness goals. And when you are done working out, we have towels and showers waiting for you.

What people in Nashville are saying about the Cardio Flex group fitness class...

“Awesome gym.. if you want to be motivated and supported in your fitness journey, this is the place to be! Sophia and staff always do their best to modify moves if needed but also push you when they know you can do better. Great, clean facilities... Nice showers as well! Highly recommend!”

-Brittany M.

“Real Change is perfect for the beginner like me or the experienced. It is a great workout space...but more importantly, the staff is very well trained and focused on helping you achieve proper form. Every class has various levels of motivated people who both push you and support you. I always leave class happy to be part of the community as well as feeling I made it through a challenging workout.”

-Matthew N.

“I've been coming here for a month for their Bootcamp classes. This place is AWESOME. Don't get me wrong, the Bootcamp is HARD and it makes you sweat and hurt in places that you didn't know existed - but, it's worth it!  The gym is split into the bootcamp area and crossfit. Everyone is really supportive and encouraging so that you can do your best. The bootcamp uses heart rate monitors. I love using the heart rate monitor because it allows me to push myself more. The workouts are all different and never boring. The classes aren't that crowded so you get personalized attention and motivation. Everything is straightforward --- go sign up NOW!”

- Arshbir G.

“Awesome owners, trainers and overall great business and place to meet, exceed and challenge your fitness goals!!!”

-Alicia M.

“Real change is a wonderful place to really transform yourself!! Great coaches who care about you and push you to achieve your goals! If you're ready for a change, try Real Change!”

Mitch T.

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