What is FlexFit?

FlexFit is a 90 Day Transformation Challenge that is unlike any other transformation challenge you’ve done before.  Our program guarantees success if you stick to the plan for the full 90 days.  You can get a good workout and nutrition advice almost anywhere, but we give you much more than that.

Once you sign up FlexFit, you will complete an InBody Body Composition Analysis at the beginning and end of the challenge.  You will meet with a coach for a complete analysis of your results, along with a goal setting consultation.  Not only will your coach will hold you accountable, they will keep you motivated for the duration of the challenge.  So what do we require?  A commitment to change…not just a change for 90 days, but a lifestyle change.  That means changing your eating and workout habits and accepting help from our coaches as well as other Real Change Fitness athletes.

Are you ready to:

  • Commit to 3-6 Cardio Flex classes per week.  Cardio Flex is cardio focused with weight training, core, and bodyweight exercises.Classes are 1 hour, except for the 12:00pm class which is 45 minutes.
  • Follow the nutrition guidelines provided by our nutritionist.
  • Ask for help and be open to making a change.
  • Stop making excuses and fully commit to the full 90 days.

What's Included?

  •  Unlimited Cardio Flex classes
  •  2 InBody Body Composition Scans
  • Goal Setting Consultation
  •  Nutrition seminar
  • Complete Individualized Macro Breakdown
  • list of approved foods with portions, Detailed set of nutrition guidelines
  • access to nutrition Coach 24/7 for questions/accountability
  • 30 Day follow up meeting for macro adjustments, if needed.

Next session starts:

8 Jan 2018