$35 FOR 1 SCAN – $100 FOR 3 SCANS

  • Complete body composition analysis
  • Learn your bodyfat, muscle mass, weight, and more
  • Find out what you are made of!!!
  • Includes 10-minute in-person results interpretation

► Understanding Your Results

We all have our individual physical goals we aspire for whether it be to lose weight, gain muscle or increase strength. All these are made easier to attain with objective visible results to help you out.
The InBody 570 is a full body composition scan that gives you much more than the typical BMI or Fat percentile given on other tests. The InBody 570 also shows segmental trunk, left/right upper extremity, left/right lower extremity fat vs muscle composition, swelling, visceral fat, resting caloric metabolic rate, lean skeletal muscle mass and more.Click to enlarge image InBody.jpg

Allow us to show you your current total body composition and with proper explanation and individualized coaching we can help attain your goals.