Lori Breaux-Mitchell

 I am a mom of four and a pediatrician. I believe in leading by example so if I want my family and my patients to live a healthier lifestyle then I have to do it. I enjoy crafting, event planning and cooking. I was invited by my cousin/friend to RCF a little over a year ago and attended an open house where I won a month membership and started attending classes and I have not looked back since. With a family history of chronic illness, one goal is to maintain a level of fitness that keeps me healthy.

My main accomplishment has been getting started. Before I turned 40, I never consistently did anything related to fitness. Now I’m doing things I never imagined I could do back then. My specific goals I am working on now include better endurance, increasing muscle mass and tone and education on nutrition. This is why I currently participate in Cardio Flex, Buns and Guns, and the FlexFIT 90 Day Challenge which includes nutrition counseling. When it comes to my favorite exercises they include TRX and barbell work. Even more so than burpees, my least favorite exercise is actually the jump rope, but hollow rocks also make the list.

"More than just a fitness facility, RCF offers so much more. While it is challenging, it’s also a supportive community of individuals that work hard and push each other along the way. "